• Research Groups

    Group 1. Earthquake Disaster Risk Mitigation

    Assessment of hazard and risk of earthquakes to mitigate potential earthquake disaster in India through sensor networks and vulnerability studies.

    1-1. Strong Motion
    1-2. GPS
    1-3. Building Vibration Sensors

    Group 2. Weather Monitoring Platform

    Development of a prototype sensor network to acquire data for weather hazard monitoring in India with limited cost. This research group conducts the following:

    • Development of sensors and converters for monitoring various, meteorological date with robustness, high accuracy and affordable cost
    • Development of communication system to transfer collected data from Automatic Weather Station (AWS) to network control centre, and
    • Development of AWS network to contribute to environment survey, mitigation and recovery of natural disasters.



    Group 3. Sustainable Communication Infrastructure

    Development of a networking package to quickly deploy communication infrastructure under the situation of natural disaster in India. The package provides connectivity to the Internet from disaster sites to enable telephony, multimedia data transfer, and information collection and sharing for rescue and recovery operation. The research work includes wireless communications, broadcast, ad-hoc networking, QoS optimization and multicast considering the research activity in other groups.



    Group 4. ICT Platform and Resource Development for Emergency and Disaster Mitigation

    Development of an application infrastructure that supports the education for emergency and disaster preparedness, mitigation, and recovery as well as communication and information sharing in emergency situations. This research groups also develops an advanced disaster management system containing information such as victim information, hazard damage information, and information on rescue and relief operations.