• Group 2. Weather Monitoring Platform : Outline

    Research Purpose

    Development of a prototype sensor network to acquire data for weather hazard monitoring in India with limited cost. This research group conducts the following:

    • Development of sensors and converters for monitoring various, meteorological date with robustness, high accuracy and affordable cost
    • Development of communication system to transfer collected data from Automatic Weather Station (AWS) to network control centre, and
    • Development of AWS network to contribute to environment survey, mitigation and recovery of natural disasters.

    Research Member

    Study Implementation Method / Research Implementation Method

    • 100 AWS for various weather parameters will be installed around Hyderabad.
    • A HRPT ground station or METOP satellite receiving station will be installed at Hyderabad.
    • Collected Data will be freely exchanged among interested groups via IITH.
    • When dense installations in Hyderabad yield success, nation-wide sensor development can be thought of.
    • Increase of robustness on data collection is subject to collaboration with Group 3.

    Weather Hazard Data Collection and Analysis

    Live E! is a project establish an network infrastructure that can generate, collect, transmit, process, and share digitized “Environmental Information”.

    “Environmental Information” is generated and let available from anywhere on the global Internet by “Digital Weather Station“, or by any other sensor devices, such as IP camera, that are installed by individuals and by organizations.

    Live E! Weather Sensor

    Live E! Deployment in Kurashiki-City

    Used for Warning and Evacuation Advisory in situation of localized heavy rain
    Now being deployed to all cities in Okayama prefecture

    Weather Sensor and Data Collection on Automobile

    Project Milestone